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Guha, P (February 2021). Hear #metoo in India: News, Social Media, and  Anti-Rape and Sexual Harassment Activism, Rutgers University Press.

Peer-reviewed book chapters:

Guha, P. (January 2020). Facebook, Whatsapp, and selective outrage: Anti-rape feminist activists of India treading inequality in digital activism. In Guntarik, O & Grieves, V (eds). From Sit-Ins to #revolutions: The changing nature of protests. Bloomingdale publications.

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Guha, P. (May 2019). Representations of Politics. The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy. Wiley Publications.

Peer-reviewed journal articles:

Powers, E, Koliska, M & Guha P. (October 2019). Shouting Matches and Echo Chambers: Perceived Incivility and Polarization Lead Young Adults to Silence Political Expression on Social Media. International Journal of Communication


Guha, P. (Spring 2018) Gender Gap in Indian politics through the lens of Facebook. Chinese Media Research Special Issue on BRICS.


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