Public Scholarship


Moderator of a plenary session on, ‘Space for Stakeholders in Media Education: Search for A New Paradigm,’ International Web Convention on 100 Years of Journalism Education in South Asia December 2020


Invited speaker, on Sexual Harassment and Media at Old Greenbelt Theater, after the screening of The Bombshell December 2019

Annual lecture speaker, on Is #MeToo a political campaign issue in India? at 3rd Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust (ARMT) Department of Communication and Journalism, Gauhati University, India January 2019

Keynote speaker, 10th Annual Dedicated Event of UMCP KAPPA PHI LAMBDA dedicated to CARE's efforts in Women's Empowerment.                                                                                             November 2018

Invited Panelist, Graduate Career Pathways Conference Panelist, University of Maryland, April 2018

Invited Panelist, The Ins, and Outs of academic publishing, University of Maryland Library, February 2018         


Invited speaker on First Amendment and Freedom of Press in the US, Miller Library, Howard County, September 2017


Published on Medium, as part of Salzburg Media Academy: Unified in Diversity: How interviewing sexual assault survivors gave us goals to unite, August 2017


Invited Panelist on Facebook News Debate in “World Have your Say,” broadcast on BBC Radio, London, November 2016


Invited Op-ed analyst/writer, The Hindustan Times, Ei Somoy, India (2014 – Present)

Periodically write an analysis of social media and Indian politics.

Sample columns:

Crowd Mapping could make polls peaceful

Parties must cast the net wide in the diaspora


Facilitator & Invited speaker for a workshop on Expectations and Challenges for International Teaching Assistants in the U.S., at Graduate Student Teaching Orientation, University of Maryland, August 2016

Invited speaker, Q&A Discussion Panel for Instructors of Record, .at Graduate Student Teaching Orientation, University of Maryland, August 2016


Invited speaker, SNDT Women’s University, India, on “Visual social media and women political candidates in India,” webcast, September 2015


Invited speaker, CITRLCast (Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning) on “Teaching and Learning in the American System: International Graduate Students and Post-Docs,” webcast, October 2014


Participant, Summer Technology Institute, Women’s Studies, University of Maryland, May 2014


Observer/Participant, South Asian Transnational Housewives, Women’s Studies Department, University of Maryland, Quoted in Public Asian, November 2013


Invited speaker on the history of Indian news media, October 2013

Invited speaker, EngageDigi, the annual digital media conference of Public Relations Society of India, August 2013


Invited speaker on “Is English really all you need?”, Rutgers University, October 2012