Conference presentations:

Guha, P (accepted for presentation in May 2021). Digital trials of civic media creations on anti-sexual violence in India. ICA Session on Can Digital do justice? Care, Connectedness, and Access in Indian Digital Public Sphere.


Guha, P & Ricke, R (June 2019): Global Comparisons of Sexual Harassment Policies

in Academia: Co-Creating a Best Practice Guide. Presented at Faculty and Staff Sexual Misconduct: An International Conference to Identify Barriers, Develop Resources and Recommendations, and Build Community. A NEH funded conference. University of Wisconsin: Madison


Guha, P (May 2019). Covering #Metoo against their own. Paper presented at ICA panel in Feminist Scholarship Division. 


Guha, P (January 2019). Second wave #LoSha in India. The Internet Researchers’ Conference 2019, The center for Internet and society, Hyderabad, India.


Guha, P (August 2018). Communication and pedagogy in teaching and research of South Asia. Presentation at AEJMC, DC


Guha, P (May 2018). Birds of a feather flock together. Paper presented at ICA, Prague.


Guha, P (November 2017). Rural to digital: Feminist anti-rape activists negotiating boundaries. Paper presented at NWSA, Baltimore


Guha, P (October 2017). Researching sexual assault, news media and social media in India. Peecha Kucha Style Presentation at Making Intervention, Women Studies Department Conference at University of Maryland.


Guha, P (May 2017). Facebook, whatsapp and our feminist activism: Rural feminist crusaders of India treading inequality in digital space in anti-rape activism. Paper presented at symposium ‘Activism and the Intersectional Internet: Power and Resistance,’ hosted by the CUNY Graduate Center Digital Initiatives and GC Digital Fellows, NYC


Guha, P (May 2017). Facebook, Whatsapp aur hamara narivaadi sangharsh: The role of social media platforms in the anti-rape and sexual harassment activism by rural feminist crusaders of India” Paper presented at ICA, San Diego


Guha, P & Chadha, K. (August 2016) Name and Shame: How Indian Feminists are Using Digital Tools to Shame Perpetrators of Sexual Harassment/Abuse? Paper presented at AEJMC, Minneapolis.


Guha, P. (June 2016) Analyzing the use of information network by stakeholders in building agenda on rape and sexual assault of women in India. Paper presented at ICA, Fukuoka, Japan.


Yaros, Xu, Prado, Wu, Guha & O’Hare, (November 2015). Enhancing interest and engagement for political news: Effects of Personalization in Tweets and Stories. Poster presented at NCA, Las Vegas.


Chadha, K, Guha, P & Steiner, L. (August 2015) Experiencing sexism: Responses by Indian women journalists to sexism and sexual harassment. Paper presented at AEJMC, San Francisco.


Guha, P & Chadha, K. (July 2015) Implications of social media in voter engagement in India. Paper presented at Digital Media, Power, and Democracy in Election Campaigns, Washington DC.


Chadha, K & Guha, P. (July 2015) Sexual violence against women in India: Audience responses to media Coverage. Paper accepted for panel presentation at IAMCR, Montreal.


Guha, P. (May 2015) Gender Gap through media lens: Visual Portrayal of women political candidates by Indian newspapers in Facebook. Paper presented at the 65th Annual Conference of International Conference Association, Puerto Rico.


Guha, P. (March 2015) Visual framing of Indira Gandhi in the media coverage during the Indian emergency (1975-1977). Paper presented at the Joint Journalism and Communication History Conference, Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, New York University.


Wu, A; Steiner, L; Guha, P; Lee, C; Glick, J. (August 2014) The Star Ledger vs. Julie Hermann?

Examining the Power of Media Campaigning. Poster presented at AEJMC, Montreal, Canada.


Guha, P. (May 2014) Gender Gap through media lens: Portrayal of women candidates by news media in social media networks in India and US. Paper presented at the 3rd Annual International Feminist Journal of Politics Conference, LA


Wells, R & Guha, P (May 2014) Student Assessment. Paper presented at the Lilly Spring International Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning.


Guha, P. (April 2014) Digital Discussions on sexual violence against women: Comparing the US and Indian Media Coverage of the Virtual Discussions in the Delhi Rape Case of 2012. Presented paper at the 6th GRID Annual Research Day, organized by the Graduate Student Government, University of Maryland.


Guha, P. (February 2012) Communication medium influences gender biases in India. Paper presented at the 11th International Graduate Student Conference, East-West Center, Waikiki, Hawaii.


Guha, P. (August 2003) Democracy and Citizenship in India. Paper presented at Friedrich Ebert

Stiftung and Ford Foundation Panel on Global Democracy in Kalimpong, India.