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Pallavi Guha, Ph.D.



Dr. Pallavi Guha is an Assistant professor of journalism at Towson University. She is the author of Hear #Metoo in India: News, social media, and Anti-Rape and Sexual Harassment Activism, published by Rutgers University Press.  Her book has been positively reviewed in Ms. Magazine, Women in Academia Report, Baltimore Sun, International Journal of Communication, Cultural Sociology, and other publications.



Research & professional experience

Dr. Guha's research includes anti-rape and sexual harassment activism on mass media and social media platforms, gender roles in the electoral campaign, and social media. A former journalist, researcher, and media educator with over a decade’s professional experience, Dr. Guha has worked internationally for leading media organizations, including BBC News and The Times of India. She has also won multiple awards and grants for her scholarship and teaching grants.

Dr. Guha has experience in covering and writing about elections in India since 2005. She is academically and professionally trained to conduct qualitative, quantitative, and social media network analysis and is well-equipped to write and present research papers, white papers, and news columns. Leading media organizations in the U.K. such as the BBC, in India, such as The Times of India and think tanks like Institute for the Future in the U.S. and Anamika Memorial Media Trust in India, have invited Dr. Guha as a speaker to share her research expertise. Dr. Guha also is frequently invited as a keynote speaker at conferences and non-profits such as KAPPA PHI LAMBDA, Old Greenbelt Theater, and other organizations. 


Dr. Guha has a Ph.D. in journalism and a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies from the University of Maryland, two graduate degrees in communications from Rutgers University, and International Relations from Jadavpur University in India, and a bachelor’s degree majoring in Political Science and Minoring in Philosophy and History from Presidency College in India.

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